Is Hammurabi's Code Just Or Unjust?

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356 words

Is Hammurabi’s Code just or unjust? Hammurabi ruled for 42 years. By his 38th year, he already had 282 laws. He ruled over most of Mesopotamia. He became king of a small city-state called Babylon. He wasn’t the first king to write in cuneiform for his laws. I think Hammurabi’s Code was just because, one of his laws was. If a free man was to know out the other man’s eye was to be knocked out as well. Therefore, it’s protecting the victim’s eye. That was law 196. In my opinion, I don’t think this law was bad, it’s protecting the free man but if a slave’s eye was to be knocked out. The other person would have to pay have of the slave’s owner ship to his master. My second reason is, if a man has married a wife and a disease has seized her, if

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that hammurabi ruled for 42 years and had 282 laws by his 38th year. he became king of a small city-state called babylon.
  • Opines that hammurabi's code was just because one of his laws was. if a free man knew out, the other man’s eye was to be knocked out.
  • Explains that if a man is determined to marry his second wife, he shall marry her. the law protects the first wife so she won't be kicked out of the house.
  • Opines that if a robber isn't caught, the man who has been robbing shall formally declare what he's lost before the god and replace for him whatever his has lost.
  • Concludes that hammurabi's code is just because everyone gets punished for what they did, and everyone should go to jail or in a hole for the wrong laws they have broken.
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