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Mrs. Abigail Adams was a woman who lived in the 1700’s who fought for women’s rights. She was born on “...November 11, 1744, in Weymouth Massachusetts...” (Kaminski 13). According to Kaminski, Abigail Adams was kept from school due to her parent’s being ill frequently, but she was provided with education by her family members. Abigail Adams had madly fallen in love with John Adams over the course of many years. Finally, after many years of knowing each other, on October 25, 1764 John and Abigail were married by Abigail Adams’ father (Kaminski 21). Abigail Adams and John had four children and were a very happy couple (Kaminski 21). Abigail Adams was an exceptional woman of her time: “...[Abigail Adams] cared for the sick in the family (including servants), contributed to the needy, educated the children herself and later placed them with other for their continuing education, read widely, maintained an extensive correspondence, and performed her proper role socially” (Kaminski 9). Many people could tell that Abigail Adams was
John Adams became the second president of America. Abigail Adams had the great pleasure of walking into her new home, The White House, on May 6, 1796 (Shields and Teute 227). Being the first lady, Abigail Adams had a huge role in women’s rights and changing the way women were treated. Abigail Adams immediately began to fulfill her new position of power. As soon as she became a resident at the White House, Abigail Adams began right at work. “Abigail took two days to put the place in order, then began the inaugural leve´es signaling her assumption of the role as hostess of the Republican Court” (Shields and Teute 227). Her new position in power gave her a bigger and louder voice in the construction and rehabilitation of the new government. The positions and situations Abigail Adams was put in allowed her to have a greater view towards the rights of women during her

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