A view from the bridge is set in New York City in the 1950s.

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A view from the bridge is set in New York City in the 1950s.

Arthur Miller was born October 17th 1915 in New York City. His parents

were both immigrants in the United States and were originally from

Sicily. Arthur’s father had a successful business but it collapsed,

along with the American economy as a whole,

Following the Wall Street crash, as a result, Arthur had to work as a

warehouseman in order to save his fees before he was able to go to

Michigan University in 1934 to study Economics and History. I think he

has the same background ‘The view from the bridge’.

A view from the bridge is set in New York City in the 1950s, with a

Sicilian background. Sicily is the home of all the characters which is

an island in Italy. The characters change from old world Sicily to new

world America in the book. Sicily had been invaded a lot of times by

different countries, so this made the Sicilian people develop a

culture of not talking or reporting to the authority, so the people of

Sicily dealt with their own problems between their communities. Sicily

was a very poor country after ww2 because Italy lost the war in 1948.

A view from the bridge has a theme of old world Sicily and new world

America, there is a lot of masculine and famine emotion between the

characters. The characters brought their culture with them from Sicily

to America and one of their main rules never to broken is don’t snitch

to authority, the worst crime a Sicilian can do is snitch to the

authority and Sicilians either kill the person for snitching or

reject the person from the Sicilian community. I think the book

evolved around the Sicilian culture. Incest is another theme of the

book because Rodolfo and Catherine are in love even do there cousins ,

Eddie began to get attracted to Catherine who was his niece and

other themes in this book is obsession, desire and control.

Beatrice meant a lot at first to Eddie but when he was starting to

loose Catherine, Beatrice knew that Eddie is attracted to Catherine in

a different way from just family love but loved her in a sexual way; I

think Beatrice became jealous of Catherine because Eddie was playing

more attention to Catherine and forgot all about her,

I think this challenged Eddies masculinity because he wasn’t

performing in bed and controlling his marriage like a masculine man

should do.

I think the most dramatic scenes in the play is when Eddies

masculinity is challenged and the Sicilian way of life is being
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