A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

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A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller The following essay is about how people reacted to Arthur Miller's play and what his intentions where and if he got the desired effect on people. Firstly let me start of by telling you about the intentions of writers, Arthur Miller's intentions in particular. A writer intends to grip the audience so people will read or view there work. Arthur Miller intended to grip the audience by telling you a story of illegal immigrants and how they could affect a person's life. He also intended to show us how Italians deal with people who inform on others. He wanted to show us the emotions and behavior a working class person who had to deal with the fact that the girl who "belonged" to him for such a long time was being "stolen" from him and he was losing her. For Arthur Miller this was "A dangerous and mysterious world at the edge of the water that drama and literature had never touched" (Time Bends) Arthur Miller intended this to be a modern version of a Greek tragedy in which a main character is led by fate towards an unavoidable destiny. Arthur Miller tells us what happens in the beginning but leaves us wanting to know how it happened. Most of Arthur Miller's plays are based on serious issues in which he tries to show us how people think and react in situations which threaten to defeat and overcome them. So by showing us all this how does Arthur miller want us to react? Arthur miller wants us to walk away with an understanding that "Some times it's better to settle for half" He also wants us to get an insight into the lives of people like Eddie, placed in situations which are uncomfortable. Miller tries to show us how people like Eddie think and react. He wants us to understand that we can only protect our little ones for so long and then we must let them go. He also tries to show us there emotions, the
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