Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge

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Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge

Today hostility is viewed upon as wrong, when "A View From the Bridge"

was written, hostility made up part of the day-to-day running of

people in this era. Today women are treated as equals and any

discrimination is taken incredibly seriously, in the time the play

written, women had very few rights and were constantly stereotyped and


Manliness, hostility and aggression play an important role in the

play, 'A View From the Bridge'. Each character has a different view on

what it means to be manly and what manliness is. Eddie, the main

character around which the play revolves, has a very specific view of

what manliness exactly is. When other character's views clash with his

own ideals, he reacts, violently in most cases. Another character,

Marco, demonstrates masculine characteristics and makes Eddie feel

threatened, these connect the ideas of manliness, hostility and

aggression. I will look at this particular area, and others later in

the essay.

The play, itself, is set in the Red Hook, slum area of Brooklyn, New

York during the 1950s. It focuses around the immigration of Italian

people, searching for the American Dream, however many if these

'dreams' were shattered with the tragedy and poverty that befell the

people of that area. The area of Red Hook is also renowned for its

infamous gangsters such as Al Capone, John Torrio and Frankie Yale.

Another character in the play, Alfieri, plays a similar part to a

chorus, similar to ones in Greek plays, narrating the play and

commenting on events; he also plays a part in the play as a lawyer and

a family friend. He is essential to the structure of the play as he

opens and closes it and at other times moves th...

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...get it, Catherine." Women in this era, were forced into

these roles, they had few rights and were treated poorly.

I believe that the play is well written and it was a success. The

author had spent a number of years in these conditions and knew what

it felt like for these people. The characters in the play were well

formed and each person was totally independent from the others.

However at the end of the play, just before Marco stabs Eddie, there

is little suspension, leaving much to be desired for the ending. The

play does also relate to many of today's issues. People are still

quite homophobic (however homosexuals are becoming more and more

integrated into today's society) and due to large amounts of

immigrants coming into the country people of Britain are becoming more

xenophobic towards those societies. Much in the same way as the era

Eddie lived in.
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