A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller

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A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller

The play "A view from the Bridge" by Arthur Miller is based on a real

Brooklyn community in New York, which is largely about Italian

immigrants in USA in the 1940s/50s. The overall story line is very

true to life as many immigrants were entering America illegally and

this still happens today in America and in other countries like United

Kingdom. Immigrants were forced to hide and keep quiet because if they

were discovered they would be deported back to their original country.

This sets up the story for the play. Most or nearly all the play is

based on two illegal immigrants, Marco and Rodolpho who are hiding

with their cousin, Beatrice, and her family consisting of her husband,

Eddie and their niece, Catherine. The illegal immigrants change the

family's life due to Marco and Rodolpho attitudes and how they are

which changes everything in the household.

The main character of this would be Eddie Carbone, who represents an

everyman, who has his part in the community and does some good and

does some wrong. The play is linked to a tradition of plays like this

one, for insistences in Shakespeare's plays there is always tragidies

and have characters that do wrong. Plays like Shakespeare have many

dukes, kings and queens; kings sometimes get killed, due to others

getting jealous. Arthur Miller wished to write 'a modern Greek

tragedy´ it is likely that the symbolism of the dagger is Eddie's

sexuality, which drove him to his drastic actions and eventually

death. This modern type of western drama originated from ancient Greek

tragedies of the 5th century BC. In these plays there was a

protagonist who did something wrong, sometimes without releasing it.

The protagonist would suffer and often die, in order to satisfy the

gods and re-establish order.

Actions speak louder than words, this is shown in many cases in the

play and is purposely done by Miller. Many events don't have as much

verbal effect, but many events have such an impact just through
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