Tragedy in A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

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Tragedy in A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

"A View From The Bridge" is a play written by Arthur Miller. Arthur

Miller was born in New York 1915. This play is about a family, which

lives in America. They are bringing their relatives to America as

immigrants who are going to live with them. But bringing them is not a

good idea because by bringing them the normality of the play is going

to change into tragedy. Tragedy is a serious medieval narrative or

narrative poem written in an elevated style and typically dealing with

the downfall of an important or powerful person. But, is that what

Arthur Miller wants us to think? That is the question that I will be

analysing in this essay.

In the opening scene, the lawyer Alfieri tells us a little start story

about the play. Alfieri looks like a serious man by the way he talks

but he is also not happy about what he is saying. Alfieri is the

person who tells us the story. His character is a person who tries to

help people about their problems. After Alfieri, we see Eddie sitting

in the living room on his own. His character is curious "What's goin'

on", he is thoughtful "Come over here, talk to me", he is serious and

angry "Now don't aggravate me…" and he is also kind "You ain't all the

girls." After Eddie, Catherine enters the room to talk to Eddie. Her

character is a nice girl who has lost her parents. She loves the

people that she lives with. She likes Eddie and does everything he

says, she also likes Beatrice and she also knows that Eddie cares

about her a lot. After Eddie and Catherine, Beatrice enters the room.

Her character is a very thoughtful person who cares about every

members of her family. She loves her husband (Eddie) and she also

loves Catherine. This is the family, which is going to have their life

upside down after Beatrice's cousins come. This family makes audience

feel good because they are living their normal lives, which shows us
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