A Strong Leader Essay

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Jaffer Sikander
What makes a strong leader?
A strong leader is someone who understands his/her responsibilities of the people they are guiding. Many of the times people proclaim themselves as leaders, but look to gain their own self-interest at the detriment of the people they are charged with ruling. This is what we see many of the time in political elections, all the candidates say they will look to tackle this and that but once they get elected, nothing happens. This brings me to another trait that a strong leader needs, the ability to follow through with their responsibilities. Furthermore, another trait that is essential for a strong leader is being able to persuade. Not many people see eye to eye but a strong leader will need to have
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Nelson Mandela left a legacy in South Africa when he ended the apartheid that plagued South Africa for many years. His role as a leader for the freedom fighters in South Africa called for other nations to pursue their own real freedom. He saw it as his responsibility to fight for the freedom of all people, not just a specific color or race. He generalizes how oppression is equally subjected to every individual and that liberation is a collective need when he states “Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all my people were the chains on me” in his book “Long Walk to Freedom”. Overall, he fought through a lot of oppression as a leader and was sentenced to exile for many years, but his resilience and persistent overcome the roadblocks he faced. Nelson Mandela possessed a lot of strengths as a leader such as futuristic, harmonious, activator and believer. As a futuristic that motivates others with their visions of the future, Mandela was able to share his vision of South Africa without apartheid and people being ruled and treated unequally because of their color or race. As an activator he looked to turn his vison into an action for the people facing the oppression of apartheid in South Africa. However, even great leaders face their fair share of challenges. Mandela faced series of bans with short intervals of freedom. This was a way of the Government to silence all leaders that where advocating the dismantlement of Apartheid. His patience and resilience as a believer overcame these

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