A Story Of The Reaping

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DAIRY OF PRIMROSE EVERDEEN Two days before the reaping Dear Dairy I can’t believe that the reaping takes place in just two days’ time. Katniss is determined that my name won’t be chosen for the reaping. This will be my first year that I’ll be taking part in the reaping, not out of choice, but just because I’m twelve years old now. At least I only have one slip with my name on it because Katniss wouldn’t let me take any tesserae. She voluntarily added her name many times in exchange for tesserae. The grain and oil together with her hunting has kept us alive since my father died in a mining accident. Since his death my mother hasn’t been the same. She’s always sad and doesn’t do and say much. Katniss on the other hand has always been there for me. I can’t understand why the Capitol is so cruel to us. How can they send innocent teenagers into an arena and enjoy watching them die. We have to the hunted and killed just for someone else’s entertainment. Do they honestly think we enjoy watching these barbaric killings of innocent human beings. One day before the reaping Dear Dairy Only one away from the reaping and I can’t take all this anxiety I have within me. I don’t know what my mother and I will do if Katniss is chosen for the reaping. Even worse, what happens if I’m chosen for the reaping? Surely I wouldn’t last. I have no training and skills to even think of defending myself and I am so small. Surely I’ll never make it. I’d die on the very first day. Even if I did survive the bloodbath I’d starve to death in a matter of days. Katniss and Gale love hunting in the woods for food. I’m not at all fond of the woods. Katniss did try to take me once into the woods and I couldn’t believe that she shot a squirrel. I ... ... middle of paper ... ...look serious. Maybe Peeta was with the careers just for a cover up and he really does care about Katniss. Maybe he really does love Katniss. Teaming up with Katniss isn’t a bad idea; after all two is better than one and their chances of survival are much higher. Straight after the announcement Katniss started looking for Peeta. He was at the river and buried in mud for protection. I must admit he’s a brilliant artist. The cut on his leg from Cato looks really serious. If he has blood poisoning he will never survive. I’m sure Katniss will make a plan and rescue him. I really miss Katniss and need her back. Mother hasn’t been much help since the games started. She just sits around the house looking into thin air and does nothing. Gale has kept his promise to Katniss and brings us food every day. Life just isn’t the same without my dear sister Katniss.
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