A Rhetorical Analysis Of Will Roger's Argument

comparative Essay
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126 words

In Will Roger’s articles, there is a sense of undeniable pride for the state he grew up in. Even after traveling the world, he cannot find a state he loves more than Oklahoma. He writes of the beauty, natural resources, and benefits associated with his home state. When comparing these articles to Baird and Goble’s writing however, there is a difference in the tone. Baird and Goble tend to write of Oklahoma in more of a historical, bystander way. They know what has happened, and they know what is going to happen in Oklahoma, and the reader can pick up on that tone. Unlike Rogers who writes of only the good of Oklahoma, Baird and Goble include pieces of Oklahoma’s history that might be considered flawed.

In this essay, the author

  • Compares will roger's articles with those of baird and goble, who write of oklahoma in a historical, bystander way.
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