A Rhetorical Analysis Of Bob Herbert's Hiding From Reality

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A Rhetorical Analysis of “Hiding from Reality.”
In today’s society the idea of “American Dream” has become a controversial and widely interpreted issue that awaked opinions and research from professionals in fields such as Economics and Journalism because of the concept that in general the American dream involves. In his essay, “Hiding from Reality,” Bob Herbert examines how the achievement of the American dream is affected by the economy and quality of education in American society, and the effect of the inadequate utilization of the sources by the politicians will impact future generations. Despite his diverse points of view to determine if the American dream is still a viable element in today’s US society, the restauration of the American
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Here, Herbert states that the starting point is to recognize the mistake that the American society is making with its economy, and the proportional effect in future generations. This statement affects everyone because no parent wants their children to suffer in the future trying to provide a good standard of living to their families. The author continues to relate sympathy with Americans when he refers to the government and the fiscal nightmare they are facing to save the US country, cutting workforces and “hacking away at health and pension benefits, rising taxes and fees” (565). These arguments show sense of compassion and sympathy with the situation of the system. Another point with the same used of fallacies is the fiscal nightmares that the government has, and the constant cuts in services and work forces, and as the author mentions “it hasn’t been enough,” (565) the government needs to observe the real problems in the country by facing them with an effective strategy instead to reduce them which essentially is affecting the most vulnerable people. As Herbert states, the idea that America is a place where the American dream can become true and all things are possible is slowing vanished, and this ideal is…show more content…
People can still restate it; first, recognizing “how much trouble we’re [Americans] really in,” and then, the citizens can determine the sacrifice they have to make to stop the declining economy and help the United Stared has the standard of living it used to have (567). Also, Americans have to accept that the government is playing an important role in the declining of the American dream and for that reason Americans have “become a hapless, can-t do society, and it’s, frankly, embarrassing. Here, Herbert offers a clear solution to bring the (wanted) American dream back, saying to his audience that Americans need to start taking this in consideration. Nevertheless, he presents a hasty generalization when attributing most of the economy problems in US to the government because what makes every country has a good economy is not mainly its government, but its citizens and the desires to prosper; Cal Thomas in his article “Is the American Dream Over?” [A response’s article of “Hiding from Reality] believes that people who think the government can make their life better are “putting their faith in the wrong place” and “displaying cult-like faith, which can be never fulfilled.”(570) It is a more sense argument; even thought this author is using a flattery fallacy to persuade his audience, he is clearly stating that people who have the desire to achieve their dreams can really approach the

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