A Public Health On Health And The Prevention Of Disease And Injury

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A public health degree is promoting health and the prevention of disease and injury to a population as a whole. Careers in public health will always be an expanding and needed as we progress toward the future, because health of our population will always be a top priority. This career choice is for an individual who wants to help others by educating, improving the lives of others and the community for the chance to make a difference. The Public Health field encompasses a wide variety of career paths, from community health workers to health educators. My interests in Public Health involve Medical Administration because you need to have the passion to assist others, to motivate and improve their health. Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health would put me one step closer to my goal of working in Medical Administration. I am interested in medical administration which is a leadership role of managing healthcare systems, hospitals, and hospital networks. The World Health Organization 's definition of health reads: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (“World Wide Learn’, 2016). A medical administrator is someone who has the mix knowledge of business administration and medical services. Their responsibilities can vary, but overall they are set forth to make sure that the facility is running methodically and services that are provided are at the best possible. Another key factor to a medical administration job skill is communication, one must be able to communicate effectively both orally and written because the job requires a specific audience. Since written communication is a key factor for medical administrators all writing material should be... ... middle of paper ... ...overnment keeping the population healthy and safe or they may work for a non-governmental organization and help to improve the lives of many through outreach and service” (“Public Health Administration”, 2016). I believe this career has peaked my interest because of the fact that I will be able participate in a medical office setting, and still in the medical field helping others, but not interacting with patients one-on-one daily. I will be a great candidate to work as a medical administrator because I have good leadership qualities and I am organized. Although, I need to work on my communication skills such as writing more efficiently and public speaking, for I have tendency to get nervous while speaking to a large crowd. I am sure that the UNCC college courses will prepare me for what is ahead and will lead me to be a successful career in medical administration.

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