A Painful Lesson in Staying Calm

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A Painful Lesson in Staying Calm Oh boy, was I ever furious! I was cursing up a storm! “Damn ball! Where the hell did it think it was going? Who the hell ever let me learn how to golf? They obviously were one damn stupid bastard to think I could ever golf!” I briskly stormed away from the tee-box, enraged that my ball was completely out of control as it had flown through the air a few minutes earlier. “Just go damnit! Hit your fricken ball!” I sounded like a small pathetic child yelling at her mother because she had not gotten her way in an argument as I screamed angrily at my brother who was now standing on the tee-box ready to send his ball to the ends of the earth. As I turned around to begin the journey towards my hopeless shot, disregarding the obvious mistake I was making, it hit me. The pressure from the sudden unexpected impact on the tip of my left elbow shot through my entire body quickly and painfully. The pain shot from my elbow, through my arm, down through my legs, then back up to my other arm, and finally to my head. The pain was strong and sharp. It felt as though I had fallen on an electric cattle fence, and it had given me one strong electrical shock that overtook my whole body with pain for a split second. In that split second I saw the world a little differently. I felt as though I had been shot. My mind paused and took a photograph of the view in front of me. I was only able to take one quick vivid photograph in my mind though because it all happened so quickly. The shimmering green grass was blinding my eyes as the strong rays of sunlight beamed down upon the fairway. There was a little gully about fifteen feet from me where there was tall grass that looked like pieces of green and brown string sticking out of the ground. A little patch of grass was missing by the gully to reveal a small sparkling creek that flowed rapidly. There was no wind to blow the strings, so they sat there motionless. I saw the bright green leaves of the trees that were almost completely surrounding me.
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