A Nurse: A Career As A Nurse

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What often, yet misconstrued thoughts are said about a nurses role? It has been said that nurses have inadequate knowledge to become a doctor. People believe that nurses carry out the doctor’s “dirty work.” The public/bloggers may also point out that a doctor’s medical opinion outweighs a nurse’s opinion or actions in the medical field. So what is the real role of a nurse? A nurse does not just have one role, a nurse has many. A nurse is the empathetic shoulder to turn to when a patient is faced with bad or even uplifting news. A nurse is an interpreter of the difficult medical jargon that patients and families do not clearly understand. A nurse carries a bond with the patient which shares emotional support and unbiased opinions. The nurse carries the burden of upholding the confidentiality of a patient. The nurse is…show more content…
From a young age, I always knew that I wanted a career that was hands-on with people. My goal as a child was to help people in any way that I could. I originally wanted to be a teacher, however, after working in daycare for six years, I got burnt out on the idea of teaching. Around high school age, I thought that nursing was the next best career for me to have personal interactions with the community in a way that I could make a difference. There are two things in my life that really set my course in becoming a nurse. When I was a freshman in high school, I was rushed to the hospital with a dangerously low oxygen level. I was so close to death, but the nurses worked so hard to provide encouragement and empathy for myself and parents through out the two weeks that I stayed there for. Secondly, last year on September 11, my father was rushed to the hospital, but the doctors and nurses could not save him. It wasn 't the doctors who leant a shoulder to cry on or an empathetic comment, it was the nurses. I decided that I wanted to become the person that uplifted in joyful moments and comforted in distressing

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