A Night with the Wolves

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I was in my bedroom on a hot summer night. I had my headphones and my music blasted up to full volume. But I still heard the loud bang downstairs. I was hoping that the noise was just an accident. But I heard another bang. I sighed as I went downstairs.
When I arrived downstairs, I saw my parents in the middle of the living room. There was a dark purple pot in between them; the pot was all broken up into pieces.
“Harold! Stop wasting our money!” mom yelled.
“I’m not the one wasting money Julie!” dad screamed. I looked at them with anger. It was August and my parents have been hostile ever since dad had lost his job. I wanted to have a normal summer. Road trips, camping and a lot of fun, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. I grabbed my favourite teal sweater and put it on.
“You know sometimes-“I shut the door behind me as they spoke. The air outside was cool and the stars were twinkling bright in the sky. I walked down the street to Mindy’s house. I usually went there when my parent are arguing. I hoped that they would stop arguing because I knew that they are planning a divorce and I really love both of them.
When I arrived at Mindy’s house, I knocked on the oak wood door and Mindy’s mom opened the door and let me in with a sweet smile.
“Hello Victoria. What brings you here on a fine night?” Mindy’s mom said. As soon as she said that Mindy came downstairs.
“I am here for a sleepover” I said. It was a lie but I counted on Mindy to understand and go along with it.
“Yes. Mom, Victoria is here for a” Mindy cleared her throat and finished her sentence. “Sleepover”
“Okay, that is fine with me and your father but next time you must inform us” Mindy nodded in agreement and motioned me with her hand to come upstairs. When I entered...

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...hen I woke up I saw a nurse beside me. She left the room as soon as I woke up. My parents came in and a doctor. My mom’s eyes were red and they were a little puffy. My dad looked just as upset as mom. Mom rushed over to me and grabbed my hand.
“I’m so sorry” Mom’s voice sounded frail. The doctor took a look at his clipboard.
“Your left arm is broken and you have stitches on you both of your arms. Also you twisted your ankle.” The doctor said it quickly and left the room as soon as I said my injuries. I was about to explain everything but my mom stopped me.
“We know everything” I shook my head. I understood, Mindy must have told my parents.
“Mindy is at home-“
“Victoria, we made a promise” dad cut in. Mom gave him a glare but then shrugged.
“Your mom and I will never argue or fight ever again” I smiled. It was a big promise but I knew that they could handle it.
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