A Night to Remember - Original Writing

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A Night to Remember - Original Writing

It was the day of the concert. The lively atmosphere around the arena

was only beginning, being there early before, I saw the transformation

of the what seemed to be spacious hall, into a jam packed stadium,

mocked with nothing but up for it Geordies and music lover alike. As

the lights sparkled above the stage, the huge amplifiers buzzed,

vibrating the seat in which I had suddenly risen from. Announcements

through the loud speakers were cropping up every minute, adding to the

anxiety, whilst the crowds poured in, creating a carnival like

atmosphere, despite still being an hour away form the main

performance. Market stall like shops were beginning to unfold around

the perimeter of the seated area; hats, shirts, jumpers you name it

were being sold to the public with the name 'Stereophonics' sprung

across them, mean while the more 'intelligent' of us crammed ourselves

down to the front where the party was just starting.

By the time fifty five minutes had passed, although it had seemed like

days, a small acquainted girl, who when turned around looked at least

thirty, noticed smoke effects coming from the ground of the stage as

the florescent lights illuminated the entire audience which had now

filled almost to the brim shouted "its begun!"

Silhouettes of the and member, Stuart Cable and both Stuart and Kelly

Jones appeared on the giant screens of paper behind there instruments

before bursting through leaving the 'cannibalistic' like crowd roaring

and urging forward, pushing against the dim steel rails lined with

security guards. As Kelly, the lead guitarist and singer, introduced

himself, the drummer, Stuart, Began a huge ear splitting fill, leading

to the bands first song 'A Thousand Trees'. After hearing this song on

there album I thought it was great, well now it was beyond great. With

the atmosphere of the watching crowd and the raucous instrumental

music being played before me, the words couldn't stop coming from my

mouth, then again, I wasn't alone. As the song came to an en, the

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