A Nation State Is A Term Composed Of Two Key Notions

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A Nation State is a term composed of two key notions: “nation” and “state”. A nation is defined as a community of people with comparable cultural, ethnic and historical backgrounds who domicile in defined international borders and have some form of recognised governing body which overseas the nation. It is important to note that the word “nation” refers only to a socio-cultural entity, a group of people that share culture, language and traditions. The concept doesn’t necessarily embody the formal political organisations, such as countries. According to the National Congress of American Indians in the United States there are 562 federally recognised Native American tribes, bands, pueblos, rancherias, communities, and native villages. Approximately 229 of these are located in Alaska, the rest are found in 33 other states. These groups of people are considered nations, though legally their citizens of a different state in this case the United States. The largest recognised nation without internationally recognised borders i.e. a state is a group of people called the Kurds. In the twenty-first century their nations consists of approximately 30 million people. They live in an area they name Kurdistan. It is located in the connecting regions of four different states of Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. Despite the fact that the Kurds are citizens of different states they share a common language, culture and history. A state is a defined territory that has formed a recognised international borders, and government. It exercises sovereign control over the areas within its confined borders and beyond. In modern terms a nations is referred to as a country. According to the United Nations there are approximately 200 states in the world, su... ... middle of paper ... ...ry, embassies in most states, international relations and aid. However, this isn 't the sole movement of the government and president, this has occurred because of all the citizens in a nation. After America declared independence from the British, the whole nation united to prove to the world what america is and what it means to be american. All around the world Americans share common culture and identity continuously emitting a nationalistic vibe. Festivals, schools and american communities are common across the globe, they frequently influence local cultures and customs. Consequently american ideologies (i.e “The American Dream”) have diffused across our globe. The concepts of nationalism, identity and culture all closely interconnected and interrelated, the altering of one notion can subsequently lead to the change of another. These three ideas will continually

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