A Modest Proposal: On Preventing Illegal Immigration Through The Southern Border

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The doors to the land of America have been left wide open, and with the smooth southern breeze flowing inside comes the risk for an assortment of disease, political and economic failure, and violence. These are brought in by illegal immigrants from Mexico who walk into the country by the millions without second thought. Americans are forced to pay high taxes for the price of citizenship, many swimming in poverty and struggling to get by while the infestation of Mexican illegal immigrants snatch away jobs and feed off of government services that were paid by well-meaning citizens. At the same time, these aliens often start up gangs, bringing violence that affects the everyday lives of hard-working Americans, as they fight over turf that wasn’t even theirs to begin with. There is only one possible solution to this problem, to end all Mexican illegal immigration, and that is to expand the United States’ borders over the country of Mexico. With an untapped labor force of over forty-eight million, a bounty of natural resources, and an inferior government, Mexico is simply ripe for the picking. The conquest for the Mexican America will undoubtedly include the enslavement of the people and the development of resources and land. Not only will this provide an effective end to illegal immigration that rushes through our vast southern border, but also an incredible opportunity for the United States to flourish economically, politically, and socially. Perhaps there are few qualms that are associated with the taking of a rather large country; however, our army will easily be able to overpower that of the Mexican government’s. With advanced secret technology, brilliant strategic advisors, and a much larger force, we should not have many pr... ... middle of paper ... ... immediately. With the establishment of Mexican America, illegal immigrants hailing from Mexico would no longer be a topic of focus among the American people and government, allowing them to focus on much more important matters. Unless if someone in the supposedly intelligent and cooperative government is able to propose a plan better than mine, there will be no other choice but to take over the country of Mexico. However, my motivations behind this plan is purely to see this country succeed in a multitude of ways, and I have no personal connection to the issue of illegal immigration. I am native born, not of Mexican descent, and do not have personal relationships with those who have illegally immigrated here. Therefore I am not biased against those who have, and if it appears so in the plan I have proposed, I can assure you it is entirely for the good of America.

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