Pancho Villa’s Role in the Mexican Revolution

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In the early 1900’s, one man bested the rival troops and used his intelligence to defeat the oppressive Mexican regime. Doroteo Arango Arámbula, also known as Pancho Villa, was born into a poor family and worked in the fields. Pancho Villa escalated from a peasant outlaw into a well-known revolutionary war strategist and folk hero. Pancho Villa could easily outsmart troops and use his popularity to help his cause for equality. His actions could not atone for any previous transgressions in his life of crime, but his tactics as a revolutionary war commander made him almost unstoppable when it came to fighting for equality. Pancho Villa was an important factor in the Mexican Revolution and its beginnings. He was one of the first revolutionaries to fight against the Mexican government, and successfully evaded and won fights against the United States government. His greatest achievement was the amount of influence he delivered the poor, and empowered them to fight for their rights. Although Pancho Villa is known to be a rebel and a bandit, he wasn’t born into a life of crime. Due to an awful circumstance, in which a wealthy man attempted to rape his young sister, Pancho Villa killed the transgressor. Pancho Villa had no choice but to change his name, hide in the mountains, and live as an outlaw. Over the years he gained the public’s attention for being sneaky and cunning towards the wealthy, and generous amongst the poor. His popularity as a modern day Robin Hood caught the attention of Francisco Madero who promised change to the lower class if they fought alongside him. Azuela recounts some of the problems the poor people faced “…Government people who've declared war to the death on us, on all the poor.”(p7). Many soldiers were w... ... middle of paper ... ...ion was to aid the lower class of sharecroppers and all walks of people in Mexico to gain equality for all. By evading the Mexican and American government, he was able to gaining support and love from the peasants. Pancho Villa was one of the first revolutionary to stand up for the poor and fight for his beliefs. He proudly laid out a path for many to follow and continue the struggle against the oppressive Mexican regime. Pancho Villa won countless battles, which empowered the poor and gave them hope. Pancho Villa’s many victories proved to be a necessity for the Mexican revolution. Many of the battles won were essential in the sense that it to applied pressure to the Mexican government. Without that pressure the revolutionaries would not have been victorious in their battles, proving Pancho Villa’s important role in the Mexican revolution.

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