A Detailed Comparison of Two Music Videos

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A Detailed Comparison of Two Music Videos The video's I have chosen to analyse are from different eras. I am using Ashanti's 'Rain on me' video, which was made in 2003 and is in the category narrative. I am comparing this with Shanni Holiday's 'Locomotion', made in 1962 and is in the performance category, although it has a theme of trains in the video. The story of 'Rain on me', Ashanti plays herself; her boyfriend, who is jealous of her success, physically assaults her when they have arguments. Ashanti finds her boyfriend cheating on her with another women, and finally leaves him for good. The video reflects current issues in society such as domestic violence, fame, recreational drug taking, casual sex and affairs. In comparison, the 'Locomotion' video has a completely different style and impact, and shows Shanni dancing throughout, having a train theme linking to the title. The video shows how dated it has become by the clothes worn, and the style of dancing. There are only 3 different edits used in Shanni's video, whereas Ashanti's video has 200 edits, showing us how technology had changed over the years and can be used to create dramatic impact. The editing fits in with the pace of Ashanti's music, as the music speeds up, so does the edits. When there is tension in the video, short sharp edits are used; an example of this is when Ashanti finds her boyfriend cheating on her. The director used many 'dissolve' edits, which added drama, this is just one of many special effects used. 'Dissolve' edits have been chosen to add variety to the video, as the audience today will expect more than they did in 1962. 'Locomotion' used simple edits where you can see the dancers' feet, then the director goes straight onto Shanni dancing again, there is no special effects used throughout. In both videos the images tie into the lyrics, an example of this is when a pillow is used as a prop and as Ashanti sings 'hug my pillow' she does the action.
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