Film Music Analysis

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In film music, composers use compositional techniques to control, manipulate and alter the objectives and foundation of a story, improving the development of characters, emotions or initiating subtext in film. The job of creating music for film has taken different forms, but as film production and technology changes and improves, the process of scoring music for films has been taken to a high standard of work, involving a strenuous and careful process to provide the film 's objectives to reach their potential. The process involves a set of guidelines a composer must work within in order to create music for film, although aside from those guidelines, composers now strive to rediscover and rework creative new forms of compositional techniques…show more content…
For example, there are musical compositions denominated “Will And Elisabeth”, “Jack Sparrow”, “Davy Jones”, etc. These denominations indicate that the music is denoted to illustrate the moods of these characters. There are additionally indirect links to characters, such as a leitmotif or 'leading motif ' that is always played when Jack makes his entrances, known to be humorous. A leitmotif refers to a recurring theme associated with a particular person, location or conception. The same leitmotif is always played when Jack is introduced in the films, thus stressing the consequentiality of these few notes and integrates a whole incipient caliber of understanding to the character. Another example is an eerie motif played by claves and the pan flute that represents the crypticness and criminal undertone of the pirates, sometimes followed by a perilous sounding theme to portray all the conspicuous traits of the pirates. A succession of chords is present in “The Medallion Calls”, predicated upon the tonic and subtonic chords of D minor. By playing in a minor key, it gives a more haunting tone to all of the pieces. This is the main motif that represents Captain Jack Sparrow. Zimmer and Badelt maintain the harmony through these chords but withal engender a facetious emotion so that it has a frolicsome ring to it. When Jack sets foot on the dock, his famous motif is played and it gives him a more regaling and…show more content…
Generally, the Curse of the Black Pearl has a simple orchestration structure: louder sections are played by low brass and low strings while quieter sections are played only by strings or sound effects. A vital characteristic in this score’s sound is the horn, which plays all of the melodies in louder components. In the following sequels, Zimmer has transformed the score so that it was more dependent on orchestral instruments rather than synthesizers and sampled instruments. By making this change, Zimmer has given and demonstrated a livelier feel to the score. Zimmer describes his work on Pirates of the Caribbean as something that is “fun”, because he relishes in working with such styles of movies: where incipient melodies can be engendered whilst maintaining the same
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