A Comprehensive Overview and An Analytical Insight Into Human Resource Management at Barclays Bank Plc

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A Comprehensive Overview and An Analytical Insight Into Human Resource Management at Barclays Bank Plc



This report is being produced to fulfil the criteria required for unit

4 of the AVCE course in business. It gives a comprehensive overview

and an analytical insight into human resource management at Barclays

bank plc. The report particularly focuses on the possible conflict

between Recruitment and Selection and Training and Development. At

Barclays bank plc in view of current economic climate for banks of


My report is going to include the four following functions:

1. Human Resources Planning - this will include

; Responsibilities covered by the HR function in the business, the

importance of people to the business

; Internal staffing information and external labour market information

to plan HR within the business

; Relevant labour market information and my comparison with how my

chosen business has used labour market

; An analysis of how relevant labour market trends relate to ongoing

HR planning of the business

2. Recruitment and selection - this will include

; Staff records, Human resources department will keep a record of

every employee - past and present. This usually kept on a computer

database. The record will include details of the employee's name and

address, date of birth, current job title and salary, starting and

leaving date, qualifications and experience and works number.

It is important for the department to have all personnel records

confidential, especially comments on attendance, punctuality and

personal circumstances.

; Identification of the features of key recruitment documents and the

factors to be considered in planning to fill a vacancy and carrying

out interviews

; An analysis of the key recruitment documents and an evaluation on

the quality of information in relation to the purpose of each document

; All organisations regularly need new staff - either to replace those

who are leaving or to fill in new vacancies if the company is

expanding. This is where personnel department comes in.