Women In The Great Gatsby Essay

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Daisy Buchanan is the most significant female character in The Great Gatsby. F Scott Fitzgerald writes her as the most significant female because she is most like his wife, Zelda (Donaldson). Daisy is Gatsby’s motivation for wealth and why he wants to accomplish so much. He has longed for her because she has always been unattainable. Fitzgerald, like Gatsby was often rejected by women in a class higher than him (Donaldson). Zelda was Fitzgerald’s motivation for writing The Great Gatsby and many other works (Donaldson). It was a way for him to express his frustration and love for his wife. Zelda was the main female role in Fitzgerald’s life, much like Daisy is for Gatsby. Fitzgerald writes his relationship in order to cope with what is happening At the mention of Gatsby’s name, Daisy becomes immediately interested. She demands to know who he is, but the conversation takes a different turn (Fitzgerald 11). Daisy and Gatsby reunite and began an affair that Gatsby has always dreamed of. Gatsby tells Daisy that she must leave Tom and she begins to panic. Daisy realizes Gatsby will control her just like Tom does. She becomes scared and no longer wants to be with him. She chooses Tom because, despite his indiscretions and temper, he is able to give Daisy financial security. According to "The Great Gatsby A Misogynistic Tale English Literature Essay," Daisy is ultimately bringing the downfall of Gatsby because of her selfishness and need for security. Gatsby will control her as much as Tom and not be able to give her enough financial security because he does not make his money legally and could lose his money more easily than Tom. Daisy does come from wealth, but she does not have the experience in finances to invest or manage her money, a man has always done that for her. Daisy believes that financial security is more important than love because she is scared of life without it. She has lived her whole life without love, but not without Zelda was from a high society family and is the only high society girl that Fitzgerald ever truly “won”. Much like Daisy, Zelda was never sure of what she truly wants. According to Soule, Zedla always had money and was content with marrying Fitzgerald, especially after he began to make money with his books. Unfortunately with Fitzgerald’s success came Zelda’s downfall. This is a contradiction to "The Great Gatsby A Misogynistic Tale English Literature Essay” because instead of a woman bringing the downfall to a man, the opposite happened. Zeldabecame a heavy drinker and also starts to hear flowers talk (Soule). Zelda became suffocated and felt she had no place in the world. Daisy is very similar in this aspect because she feels as if she has no other choice than to stay with Tom. Gatsby could possibly make her happy, but she knows he will soon become bored much like Tom did after a few years of marriage. Jordan tells Nick that a week after she visited Tom and Daisy on their honeymoon, Tom was caught with a hotel maid (Fitzgerald 77). This affair demonstrates how easily bored Tom is with his life. Daisy is scared that Gatsby will do the same or worse, lose his money and then she will have almost nothing. Daisy chooses Tom because she has to remain in high status or she will lose herself even more. Gatsby cannot offer her this security of status. Zelda was unhappy besides Fitzgerald, but she

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  • Analyzes how fitzgerald writes daisy buchanan as the most significant female character in the great gatsby because she is like his wife, zelda.
  • Analyzes how daisy is bringing the downfall of gatsby because of her selfishness and need for security.
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