A Comparative Analysis Of American Horror Story And Glee

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1. Emotionally, I was devastated by the father’s reactions to the child. I actually wasn’t as “horrified” as the narrator seemed to be. I guessed the baby would be deformed much, much earlier on and was well seated with the concept by the time I reached the climax and the father was experiencing it for the first time. The child, however, brief the characterization was, appeared to be a bright, high-functioning child and her lack of limbs seemed to balance out her extraordinary intelligence. Personally, I value intelligence highly so I subconsciously placed it as a fair trade – Extreme intelligence in exchange for being a human slug. Maybe because in today’s world, many people with disabilities are given a spotlight in society, and social trends are moving to validate …show more content…

Considering that a down syndrome girl was a leading star in American Horror Story and Glee, missing limbs is not so jarring beyond my personal experience with those missing arms, legs, and eyes from daily life and my work in healthcare. But, what devastated me was the father’s reaction not due to the father’s personal horror, but how the father’s reactions would’ve translated to their highly intelligent daughter. His revulsion while understandable is painful for me as a reader due to my sympathy for his daughter. It also signals the crack in the idyllic family dynamic the reader was set up to believe in. Intellectually, I was baffled by both the fact the author chose to represent the baby’s mutation as essentially a slug and the father’s conclusion that his wife didn’t know their child did not have limbs. I find it hard to believe, that after several months of showers and diaper changing she doesn’t know her daughter is deformed. Which leads me to the conclusion that the internal debate and the suspense of the story was her coming to terms with her child. If she could accept her daughters deformity, its more than likely that her husband will as well. Hopefully, the title isn’t a foreboding

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how was devastated by the father's reaction to the child.
  • Opines that the lack of limbs is inane by today’s standards and with technology such as transplants and prosthesis it wouldn’t be terrible.
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