Community and the Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Community and the Rocky Horror Picture Show Sex, adultery, rock and roll, and belonging. These are just some of the things that draw teens into The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday and Saturday night. Most teens are drawn in by a family connection and there are still others who are simply drawn in by the curiosity brought up by the name of the show alone. I was drawn in because of family and friend ties to the show. Many teens who go find themselves in a place where they feel that they belong. Teens who normally get called “freaks” go to Rocky because it is a place where they are no longer considered that. Every person that attends Rocky has a certain uniqueness about them that is celebrated at every show. When you go to Rocky, you meet others who are just like you. This helps to build friendships and bonds between the attendees. It also creates an air of family in the theater that goes everywhere with you. Every week there is a random number of virgins, or first timers, chosen to be sacrificed. These sacrifices are all in fun and are seen as a way of passage into the Rocky community. The first time I went, myself and three other virgins were chosen to be sacrificed. Our sacrifice was long, painless, and completely hilarious. In fact I don’t think that it would have been half as fun if I hadn’t had my three closest friends sitting in the audience laughing at me. Out of the four of us chosen only one was a boy and they made him be an ataman. The two remaining virgins and I were placed under a table and left there to our own devices while the cast made a toast to a newly married member. My being chosen to be sacrificed made me feel as if I really belonged there and would never be shunned. I was also very pleased by the fact that I was chosen to be sacrificed by my favorite character, Eddy who was being played by Dustin Martinez that night. After the toast was finished we did our oath and were allowed to go back to our seats and the show began. In the Rocky community everyone is celebrated for who they are. Individuality is something special among the “Trannies” and it will always be that way. No guy is ever ridiculed or mocked for dressing like a woman and no woman is ever looked down upon for dressing like a man.

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