A Childhood Tale - Original Writing

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A Childhood Tale - Original Writing

School life at St. Anne's was a painful experience for me. My teacher

was a terrifyingly tall woman with inch long scarlet talons. The

facial expressions she usually displayed in my presence implied that

her dearest wish was to scratch my eyes out with these weapons. The

other students had shunned me after I bit a boy called Ashton for

trying to take my toy mouse and the teachers had categorized me as

disruptive. After a puzzled time when they kept taking my scissors and

patting me on the head I realised I was also thought of as mentally

disabled. Later I was told this was because on the first word of my

entrance exam I spelt 'street' with a 'W'.

With the students all glaring at me from corners I resorted to the one

resource I had left to me-books. The teachers were under the

impression that I couldn't read a word so assumed I was plotting

something. It was then that the confiscating began.

My parents wouldn't believe that the teacher's were taking my books,

so thinking I was losing them or perhaps selling them, they refused to

give me anymore. I was left with nothing better to do then dig up the

school flowerbeds. However, the last straw for me was when one of our

class hymnbooks went missing. No one knew where it went and no one saw

it again, although I had deep suspicions including Ashton and a

bonfire of his own fashioning.

The teacher's attention was drawn to the wayward book, only after she

had doled them out and was left herself without. Her beady eyes swept

the room and fell upon my small form clutching my treasure. In a short

but forceful battle, my prize was ripped from my grasp and all I was

left with was the snappish 'You can't even read!' to console myself


As the assembly hall around me filled with the chorus of my fellows I

sat there silent, letting my insides smoulder with rage at the
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