Childhood Experience Essay

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Childhood experiences tend to stay within a person 's life, including the ones that have taught you something as valuable as courage. For me, such experience that taught me how to be courageous, as I am presently, took place when I was about the age of 8. I was traveling with my family from one continent to another to reach our desired destination: America. Before, I had lived in the same city for as long as I remembered and knew everyone around me. I knew my whole village in and out like it was at the back of my hand and was comfortable in whatever corner I went. So as one could imagine, a hometown girl, who hasn’t been exposed to any other areas besides her birthplace, planted in an immense airport, in New York City, wouldn’t result pleasantly. When we were waiting for our…show more content…
It took a lot of self-convincing, but I finally mustered up all the courage I had left within me and went off to seek my family. I hesitantly got off the bench that I had been hogging for the last 20 minutes or so of grieving and started walking towards the source of which everything had begun with in the first place: the bathrooms. I checked every stall and corner of both genders’ bathrooms, which I was desperately anticipating to catch one of my family members in, only to find them either empty or people with apologetic faces once they would see the state I was in. This, however, didn’t stop me from continuing my chase. I ran out of the bathrooms and stalked towards the bench where I had been sobbing uncontrollably. As I had expected, it was empty with no luggage or other signs to indicate that my family was there when I had been gone so my anxiety kicked in and told me to figure something out before I have another breakdown. Subsequently, I went out of my comfort zone and went in pursuit for them
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