A Brief Note On The Health Care Insurance

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I have Interview my grandmother Catalina as my first interviewer because of her medical background she has been a Diabetic for twenty six years. Within those years the health care insurance has been through a lot of changes from bad to good and good to bad she has been through a lot of insurances also because of the health care policy. First she started off with Medicaid at first Medicaid helped cover her visits and medication with no problem and any special testing that she needed that went well until (HMO) Health Maintenance Organization became a big part she had to choose an HMO because Medicaid only took care of the medications so she picked HIP (Health Plan of New York). That insurance was a hassle for anything she needed as a patient with a chronic disease she needed referrals and authorizations for everything and most of the time she was being denied for any testing that her primary care provider required for her to seek, years went by and HIP merge with the Insurance GHI (Group Health Incorporated) which both of them was renamed to Emblem health which Emblem health is not a bad insurance and covered mostly everything because it had GHI within it but the HIP part still continued to request referrals. The time came that we began to get frustrated and I helped my grandmother apply for her Medicare and to inquire for a better insurance, which I came across that is Fidelis Care New York Medicare health advantage she has been with this insurance for some years and so far has been the best it covers everything that she needs to have done with no problem if she needs an authorizations it is approved in less than five minutes most of her medications are covered because Medicaid and Medicare part D covers that part of her medicati... ... middle of paper ... ...ing treated in the pre-existing or if you a new health condition the new health care law offers the new rights and the protections that can make coverage even fairer or easier to understand. There are some rights and the protection that can apply to the plans in the health insurance and some apply to all health coverages. In order for the patient that is applying for health insurance should look and review the guide to see what is it they offer what is covered the rights and the protection that the insurance gives you, you have the right to understand the summary about the health plan you have been chosen with its benefits and the coverage it has to offer every insurance provides a guideline and it will tell you if it is true if you can be turned down or even refused coverage due to a pre-existing condition in the past.
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