A Brief Note On Jerusalem And The World War II

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Final Paper Jerusalem as one of the oldest cities on this planet has seen everything in her history; wars, segregation, hatred, but most likely its mainly know for the home, and the birth place of three major monotheistic religions. By examining the history of the city we can distinguish that there were many groups of people living there, and there were a lot of different cultures that have left its mark on the architecture, and the atmosphere itself. Jerusalem was founded roughly 3000BC, it has never became a major metropolitan area in the past, rather than after the events of the Zionist movement and the resettlement of all the European Jews before and after the World War II. The city was ruled by different kingdoms in its history, the earliest settlements were under the rule of local ancient pagan rulers. For example, Jerusalem was part of the Egyptian New Kingdom, Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Persian, Macedonian, as well as the Roman Empire. Within the pagan rulers the Israelite nation has emerged called the Kingdom/State of Israel, where people have switch from many gods, to one. The jewish religion was the first one that established only one god, it was the first monotheistic religion, that gave its beginnings to Christianity, as well as Islam. After the rule of Pagan empires and the rule of the Kingdom of Israel, jews were expelled form the city as a punishment for their rebellions against the foreign powers that were occupying their territory. During those periods we seen a destruction of the temple that was the most important place for the Jews. After the period of the Roman rule the Byzantine Empire with its Christian religion have took over the city of Jerusalem. For many Christians the city itself was very important ... ... middle of paper ... ...ferent direction. Suddenly it was the Jews and the Arabs that became enemies and fought against each other. While the Christian community stayed rather more on side versus in the middle of the conflict. Michael Kress in his article about the relationship between the two major religions stated that “The latter half of the 20th century saw a wholesale re-evaluation of the Christian attitude toward Jews and Judaism, revolutionizing relations between the two religions. Brought on by the horrors of the Holocaust and the embrace of pluralism and diversity as positive values, Christian theologians have repudiated or reinterpreted age-old beliefs that led to anti-Jewish violence throughout the centuries” (Kress). While the relationship between the Christians and Jews has gone in a better direction, the Muslim and Jews stayed until today in conflict regarding the Holy Land.

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