A Bitter Sweet Ending

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A Bitter Sweet Ending

After reading the poem "Is It Possible", by Thomas Wyatt, it was obvious that the narrator is revisiting his desire to love, and where it begun and ended. Love is a difficult thing to express in any given language, and it's easy to witness such with the author's message. In reading the poem it is near impossible to convey the paradoxical pain and pleasure expressed by the narrator. The speaker, like most people, is very confused in one of his early relationships, and had a hard time sorting his emotions concerning his break-up. This sorting of emotions leads the speaker to question the many possibilities and consequences concerned with love. Such concerns are brilliantly intertwined with Wyatt's poem as he includes rhyme scheme, structure, and imagery to express his feelings of love.

Most often love poems are written in the form of a sonnet, but such is not the case in "It Is Possible", which is an ode. When poets have chosen to work within such a strict form it usually encircles their intentional message. In other words, the poet is using the structure of the poem as a means of communication so that the reader might find the "meaning" not only in the words, but partly in their pattern as well. This could be witnessed in Wyatt's decision to indents on some of the line to emphasize some of his ideas. This same emphasis can be witnessed in his idea to have the two long lines in each stanza, which could be used to focus on the main ideas of his poem. In his spiel of feelings Wyatt utilizes one of the stylistic devices concerned with the structure of the poem. Instead of the usual sonnet this poem is completely different containing thirty lines divided into six stanzas along with five lines per. In Wya...

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... artist for the sake of effect; an instance of this. Frequent in phrase poetic licence" (OED). Wyatt could have included this word instead of the word "license" to compliment his structure, which is a "deviation from the recognized form." The deviation of form can be witnessed in his idea to note write in the form of a sonnet, indenting lines, having long sentences, and rhetorical questions.

Sir Thomas Wyatt was a wonderful craftsman of love poems such as "Is it possible." Although love is a difficult thing to express, Wyatt makes it look too simple with his brilliant word choice and structure. With careful skill and attention to spacing, emphasis, and detail, he manages to create one of the most intriguing love odes to date. Wyatt also managed to construct his own unique idea on how to express such an emotion such as rejection and the love lost within it.