Comparison and Contrast How Death Effects Lives of Men and Women

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Family Loss from Miscommunication:

Comparison and Contrast How Death Effects Lives of Men and Women

The death of a close relative, especially a new born child, is a very terrible life event that tragically affects parents. Grief and desperation preoccupies parent's souls and it takes a long time to recover from such a loss. However, communication between the couple is very important factor that stabilizes the relationship. If this factor is missing in a couple's relationship they will not be able to recover from this tragedy, and it will have further negative effects such as separation and stress. The poem, "Home Burial", is a clear example of how the couple could not recover from the loss of their child due to the lack of communication. In spite of the fact that the characters in the poem are imaginary people, Robert Frost portrayed his personal life events in those character's lives. The unexpected death of a child can lead to a brake up in the family, especially if there is miscommunication between the couple. "Home Burial" illustrates a husband and wife who are unable to talk to each other. It shows details about men's and women's points of view. The characters in the poem will get divorced due to conflicts and difficulties in their relationship.

Robert Frost was an American writer of the 20th century who wrote the poem "Home Burial." During the first years of Robert Frost's success he and his wife had six children, two of whom died in infancy (Pritchard, 347). This incident had a dramatic effect on Frost which inspired him to write "Home Burial." Based on Frost's biography, I've assumed that the poem "Home Burial" depicts Elinor and Robert Frost's reactions towards each other after the death of their child.

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... middle of paper ... quote shows how much the husband is desperate for her not to leave him and how he enforces his power on her. After this gesture the wife will most definitely leave him for good, because he is threatening her with the equivalent of house arrest.

Furthermore, this couple will get divorced because of their opposite thoughts. Men and women are two different species, and sometimes those differences stand in a way of their relationships. It is obvious that the characters in this poem can not find any equilibrium in their feelings. Every action of these characters showed negativity, which predicted their final separation.

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