Influences of Love: A Comparison of William Shakespeare and Max Martin

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“Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds” (“William”). Like a newborn creature, love looks around and evaluates, planning its next move. Match the two lovers together so they can spend an eternity together; love’s only goal. Before love can match the two people together, it must evaluate the situation around it. Do they have the right chemistry? Well, if a person wants a family and the other doesn’t, then no. If one likes to camp and so does the other, then yes. There is only important question love must answer; does it change when times do? Some would say of course because everything changes as time passes. Others may say no due to the raw emotion that derives from love. Love comes from the heart and soul deep down inside oneself. No matter if in the 18th century or the 24th, love does not change.
Some may say love is just an emotion while others may say it is a living and breathing creature. Songs and poems have been written about love for hundreds and thousands of years. Love has been around since the beginning of time, whether someone believes in the Big Bang or Adam and Eve. Without love, there wouldn’t be a world like it is known today. But with love, comes pain with it. Both William Shakespeare and Max Martin know and knew this. Both ingenious poets wrote love songs of pain and suffering as well as blossoming, newfound love. The eccentric ideal is both writers were born centuries apart. How could both know that love and pain work hand in hand when they were born 407 years apart? Love must never change then. Love survives and stays its original self through the hundreds and thousands of years it has been thriving. Though centuries apart, William Shakespeare and Max Martin share the same view on love whether i...

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...p every spring. With every spring comes new flowers and with every day comes a new love.

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