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50/50 In my opinion, the story of 50/50 was told well. The movie thrived in formal and stylistic elements. The film was exceptional on the formal elements of character, plot and structure. It was also good at the stylistic elements such as music and cinematography. First, 50/50 was very good in the character category in formal elements. The character development was something that really struck out to me. The biggest surprise from this film lies in where the writer decided to focus the true heart of the story in the development of the characters One example is the relationship between Adam and his young therapist Katherine. They’re both too inexperienced to be dealing with things such as cancer. She is clearly inexperienced because Adam is one of her first patients. Their relationship would need to support the emotional side of an argument, rather than simply emotion. But the biggest relationship is between Adam and Kyle. Now this relationship is not as strong as it needs to be, but it’s enough to warm the heart and give Adam that final push into opening up. There is a good scene in the movie where Adam stays at Kyle's and finds a book on surviving cancer, filled with notes and underlinings, proving that Kyle does care for Adam and is worried for him. The next day as Kyle drops Adam off at the hospital, Adam embraces Kyle for being a good friend. Its a great display of subtle character development. Second, 50/50 had a very good plot and structure. I thought it was very well written. When I looked up some facts about the movie, I found out it was based on a true story. The person that the movie is based on is also the writer. Personally, I believe that a good story can also come from an experience such as surviving cancer. ... ... middle of paper ... ... macaroons. The frame was somewhat shaky and the picture was fuzzy. It was as though you were high with Adam. In conclusion, 50/50 has formal and stylistic elements. Claudia Puig of USA Today said, “ 50/50 winningly demonstrates that profound emotion and wide-ranging humor can co-exist in the same movie — just as they do in real life.” This movie makes you laugh and can really make you cry. It is a great movie that shows that you can’t go through something this big by yourself. It takes two and maybe more. A good film is a story worth telling that is told well. 50/50 is a great story that is written first hand by someone who lived the movie. The writer puts us in his shows and the director does a great job depicting everything. The music, the cinematography, the characters, and the plot all blended together to make one great story that made you laugh and cry.

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