120th INF Brigade: A Case Study

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The intent of the trip was to make 120th INF Brigade (Bde) aware of G27 web enable tool suite (ESA, EDT, ION, VoA and ISIT) and show practical applications to assist with their support to ARNG pre/post mobilized units. In addition to the 120th INF Bde, also provide exposure and awareness of G27's tool suite, including a detail tutorial and train the trainer of ISR Staff Integration Trainer (ISIT) to the Air Force's 9th Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS), who provides resident ISR support to III Corps and 1st Cavalry Division staffs, and finally meet with Fort Hood MTC director or rep to further the MTC User Conference discussion to secure a date for formalized tool training. Day 1 (20 July) Provided an one hour tool suite demo to Capt Maninware, 9th ASOS ISRLO. Due to conflicting schedule ISR-I and ESD could not conduct a combine briefing, so arranged for ISR Integration to provide an in-depth ISIT demo the following day to ISRLOs and 1CD G2 reps. Discovered a POC for the AF ISRLO program, that maybe a resource for tool suite awareness throughout the ASOS community and an advocate for ISIT. …show more content…

Conducted a desk side brief with Bde Commander, COL Payne, and fully explain the utilization of G27 tools and how they could compliment 120th efforts for deploying ARNG units. COL Payne understand that Exercise Support Division is unable to provide onsite support, and believe the Fort Stewart MTC integration of the tools is a great model. He also wholeheartedly support the current ESA content built agreement between G27-120th INF Bde and has reintegrated that exercise data will be completely harvested and return for viewing on the ESA page. After his initial review of tools, COL Payne recognize their value and looked forward to receiving the live

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