Theater Scheduled Phase Maintenance

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Problem Statement In 2008 I served as an AH-64D Maintenance Test Pilot /Battalion Maintenance Officer in Delta Company 4-227TH Aviation Regiment in Camp Taji, Iraq. Delta Company was responsible for supervising Dyna Corp. Contractors at Camp Taji were conducting all AH-64 scheduled phase maintenance in theater. While there, the company ran into challenges meeting phase deadlines assigned by the Brigade Aviation Maintenance Officer due to the amount of flight time being flown and manpower assigned to complete phases. Recommendation The TC 3.04.7 (Army Aviation Maintenance), chapter 1 has a section on Army Maintenance Planning and Execution. It lays out P4T3 (Problem, Plan, People, Parts, Time, Tools, Training), which is every maintenance officer’s tool on how to run a successful maintenance program. In theater you have the people, parts, tools, and training. What sometimes is lacking is the Plan and Time. A solution could be to essentially build an assembly line when conducing phases and using this P4T3 model; it would ultimately shorten the phase time in the hanger. For example, the Longbow has many sections to complete when conducting a 500hr Phase. If you assigned people who are extremely versed in performing maintenance in that particular section of the aircraft, they will continue to do maintenance on that aircrafts section for the time that they are at that phase location (i.e. Camp Taji). Secondly, assign a Power-On Team at the end of the phase to assist the Maintenance Test Pilots to do their ground and flight Maintenance Operational Checks (MOC’s). This Team will be in charge of all the rigging, hanging blades and further unforeseen unscheduled maintenance. Facts Bearing on the Problem As a Maintenance Test Pilot ... ... middle of paper ... ...r. Analysis of Proposed Solutions The proposed solutions will eliminate the problems and maintenance issues cause by the lack of military and civilian maintenance personnel. These proven solutions will help other units that deployed to facilitate phase maintenance with ease and aligns with the P4T3 process. Solution Comparison All solution chosen is essential to addressing the issues unit’s faces with their phrase maintenance program while deployed in a combat theater. The proposed solutions must be implemented simultaneously in order to be effective. Conclusion The TC 3.04.7 (Army Aviation Maintenance) outlines the P4T3 process and it can be integrated into a battalion maintenance program. Conducting a P4T3 analysis in a garrison environment will ensure the proper plan; equipment and people are in place to successfully complete the unit’s mission while deployed.

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