The Escape Theory: Facts about Daydreaming Essays

The Escape Theory: Facts about Daydreaming Essays

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As stated in an article individuals try to escape from their selves or the aspect of their selves in any way possible. Escape is basically an effect of a cause. Escaping reality is similar to the concept of daydreaming. Many people daydream, it’s a normal act of human beings. However what is the reason behind daydreaming. Escape and daydreaming are tied together with a rope of similarity because they basically mean the same thing, however the word daydreaming is a little bit fancier. People daydream in order to escape the reality for a couple of minutes and then return back to reality. There escape to just cover up the cut and not fully heals the problems or the situation that allows the individual to escape from their reality. This reminds me a short story I had read which was called “The secret life of Walter Mitty.” Walter daydreamed due to the fact that his wife was wearing the pants in the family, and he basically had to follow his wife’s orders. In his daydreams he was the most important individual and was the hero in the ending. Escaping isn’t a bad thing however if the conflict that the individual is escaping from wasn’t resolved and escaping was continuous than this produces more conflict. As humans we tend to always find the easiest route to not complete a task. This is known as the escape theory.
Life isn’t the simplest task or journey that individuals can encounter. Life has many ups and downs and if an individual if not well trained for the journey, then de vasting results will arise. There are various factors that build the escape theory method in life, even if it’s not from ordinary life or student life. Fear is one component that goes hand in hand in the escape theory. Fear is basically an emotion that any ind...

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