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Equality For Equal Rights And Responsibilities Essay examples

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In liberalized economies, and because of democracy, all persons are entitled to equal rights and responsibilities despite many differences that exist among them. Rights to employment, equality regarding gender and some other aspects are all advocated for. In return, citizens of any given nation have obligations and duties which they have to satisfy in exchange so as to keep the system in balance. While responsibilities, tasks, and privileges can describe the association between government and their subjects, there is always a challenge of striking a balance and fairness between the poor and the rich in respect to playing these roles. When it comes to economic issues and the roles that people needs to play to their governments, controversial views have been aired as people try to suggest how the poor and the rich can all benefits from economic and other policies. Some people consider that the poor citizen should by favored during employment and their responsibilities be subsidized such in payment of tax. On the other hand, others feel that everyone, despite their financial status should be entitled to equal rights and responsibilities. Edmund Phelps is one of the logicians who suggests that the poor should be favored in some ways so as to help them better their economic status (Temin, 1997).
Phelps ' opinion, of supporting low-income workers by giving them wage subsidies has some consequences when it is applied. He suggests application of tax credits to high earning employees and providing incentives to the poor so that they get chances of securing this job. If this plan is adopted, then some sectors will be affected including the market, the workforce, and some economic principles will be violated.
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To address financial crises ones and for all, the causes of 2207-2008 crisis should be addressed meticulously as they have the potential of causing triggering such crises in future. The market structures should be carefully monitored and evaluated so that any risk are dealt with. The same should happen with policies and regulations that govern the operations of corporations. Governance is an important aspect that the companies and individual firms need to take care of with the strictness it deserves.

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