Why Did The Equal Rights Fail?

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There are many theories as to why the Equal Rights Amendment failed. The Equal Rights Amendment (or E.R.A.) was passed by the Senate on March 22nd, 1972 which proposed banning discrimination based by gender. The E.R.A. got sent to the states to be ratified; however, it missed the three-fourths validation it needed. The E.R.A. each time failed to be accepted and was forgotten by the next few years after it was issued. So, why did the Equal Rights Amendment fail? People concerned about the E.R.A. – whether they be for or against the very thought of the idea of prohibiting gender-related prejudice – all have their own opinion and views toward the reason why the E.R.A. failed. Some believe it was because of the favoring from others toward the amendment, others believe it failed because it was more gender specific when choosing to support it, but very few think that it was the persuasive influence of others’ thick judgment.
It was strict preference upon giving woman the same equal rights and responsibilities of that a man that ultimately doomed the Equal Rights from the very beginning. Favoring about the E.R.A. had always seemed to have a sort of steady streak, though, by the looks of a Gallup Poll – it appears that those who favored by the year 1979-1980 went down but built back up in 1981. Those opposing the amendment gradually went up in number, while those unsure or had no opinion decreased from 12 to 4 over the seven years the amendment attempted ratification (Doc B). The E.R.A. was sent into many states in strive for endorsement. Though many states, like Hawaii and California, ratified for the amendment, what brought the E.R.A. to its feet were the states that rescinded the ratification and the states that never even ratified in ...

... middle of paper ... side. Posters and short comics where posted almost everywhere you looked – all based on views on the Equal Rights. The posters all seem to show negative views, one showing a woman surprising her husband with a promotion and off the corner there is a man there in a bunny suit (Doc J). Another comic showed a man marrying another man in a wedding dress and a woman marrying another woman in a suit (Doc L). What I believe these two images are trying to get across to men is that if you give women the same rights as men, they will become like men and the men will be seen less than. These cartoons are what attempted to persuade men to go against the idea of equal rights and oppose voting.
The E.R.A. has failed due to many circumstances. The main three reasons for the failing of equal rights came from favoring, gender-related opinions and persuasive judgment from others.
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