The Environmental Science For A Changing World Essay

The Environmental Science For A Changing World Essay

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In reading The Environmental Science for A Changing World Textbook, students become aware that the quality of water sources even perhaps the smallest of streams are valued in many ways. We learn that water is one of the most ever-present yet limited resource there is on earth thus users have a responsibility of protecting it and become more knowledgeable about it. Our river streams are what join together to form watersheds to which a plethora of animals and plants place their reliance upon (Environmental Science: For a Changing World, 262). Cleaner water allows for a healthier food chains while poor water quality can exhibit a detrimental effect on our health, especially within disadvantaged communities where water scarcity maybe more prevalent and where there is a larger per capita water footprint (Environmental Science: For a Changing World, 265).
While visiting Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection, which I might add is successful at informing its audience but difficult to navigate, we are furthermore convinced of just how beautiful and vital Florida’s rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries, and coastal waters are. The website says, “Even More than that, they are essential natural resources, supplying the water necessary for aquatic life, both large and microscopic; drinking water; recreation; industry; fishing and shellfish harvesting; and agriculture” (Watershed Assessment Program). Thus the importance of protecting Florida’s abundant water sources, providing efforts to restore them each time they become damaged is high (Watershed Assessment Program).
Around the world, each location faces its own continued water challenges. Groundwater is the point of supply for 90% of drinking water for Florida residents. Public wat...

... middle of paper ... water supplies, one can imagine that any contamination of the ground water will likely have a longer lasting burden on the Sand-and-Gravel Aquifer thus effecting our water quality.
Overall, I believe that the research that I’ve gathered for this quality report serves extreme purpose in helping us to understand not only the importance of water quality but the factors that may contribute to its contaminations and downfalls thus we may better understand its value and more. I truly think that a lack of public awareness and appreciation for water quality/supply is how water scarcity and other situations happen due to our negligence of understanding vital information such as this. Increased public knowledge and community involvement in the protection of Florida’s most precious resources for the water will help to decrease the threats facing valuable natural resource.

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