Environmental Studies

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Environmental studies is a paramount field to focus on for both the present day and the future. This field of studies pertains to all people, animals, plants, and biomes around the world. Environmental Studying is important because it is only by understands the environmental processes that we can begin to take the steps necessary to correct the on-going damage that is occurring, and ultimately protect and sustain life on the planet. Unless steps are taken to try and abate and control environmental problems, which are often human-generated or exacerbated, then the environmental that we live in will continue to deteriorate. There is no life without protecting the source that sustains us. Even though I have only been alive for seventeen years, it has been long enough to see many negative environmental changes. Since I was born that population has grown by over one billion people causing deforestation, loss of wildlife, increased pollution to both air and water, and even superbugs. However, I have also been able to see extremely positive results such as an increase in the research and implementation of renewable resources. The reason I am so motivated to study environmental science is because I know that change is possible. Those who study environmental science and study have the ability to help reduce, and possible reserve, some of the damage that has been done to the environment while at the same time, helping to advance the well-being of our fellow humans.
I wish to double major in biology and environmental studies because it is a way where I can learn about many different fields in science while incorporating its direct association with human interaction and understanding. I have always seen science as the most important, and my ...

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...ability in the Middle School.
Also, when I was a counselor at the Ecotarium in Worcester Massachusetts, my fellow counselors and I tried to show the campers why preserving the environment is so important. We did this by showing them that the vast majority of our resources, including medicine, wood for houses, and food, come from nature. We showed them how fragile many animals are to changes in the environment. Part of Ecotarium is dedicated to rehabilitating and caring for animals that have been injured in the wild. The campers enjoyed working with the animals and began to realize that many of the causes for the displacement of these animals stemmed from the loss of their habitat due to human intrusion. I feel that incorporating the importance of environmental preservation at a young age is crucial because it well help to establish environmentally-friendly habits.
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