Essay about Environment: What’s really going on?

Essay about Environment: What’s really going on?

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What’s really going on?

For the past few many people have wonder, or become more aware of our planet’s changes and the way it has been affecting us all along. Some people take this very serious, but others are not taking the warnings that our Earth, our home, has given us. There has been a lot of research over the past couple of decades to determine the effect of the many unusual patterns of some natural “disasters”. There has been a lot of confusion based on the results of the many scientists that have tried to work out this ongoing process. This confusion is due to the different data results of each investigation. Some scientist have predicted that the worst is coming just around the corner. That it is a fact that catastrophes will happen in this era. On the other hand, there are some researches that say that this is not true and inaccurate. This so called “catastrophes” will evidently happen but from a long time from ours. There always have to be two sides of the coin, two opinions, but how do we know what to believe. It is not always certain what a lot of the scientists may say. They are humans. Miscalculations are a possibility, but it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind that our world may not always exist. It was once a strong, young planet that flourished with life all around the globe, until sudden changes started to occur. Many say that humans are the worst enemy of this beautiful planet. Many say that it is just the way it supposed to be, just like a human being. It is born, then grows, and then after its long life it dies. But, what did really happen to the Earth to suffer this bizarre changes to begin? What is going to happen to us? Are we in danger at this point or is just speculations? Are we on the verge of experiencin...

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...that needs to be looked at the most. This is not shown to make us feel that we are to blame , but it is shown to give us an idea, an estimate of how bad the process has gone up to.
We have lived in a complex world, a world that needs protection. We are the only species that have the enough intelligence to figure out how we can protect the beautiful planet that we call home. We have the right tools to do it. We only need the willingness to do what is right, and to save ourselves from every problem that we have created.

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