Essay on Ensnared in the Throes of Life

Essay on Ensnared in the Throes of Life

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The disposition and temperament of a character is revealed to a reader by the author throughout any work of literature, but a vast portion of the characterization occurs in specific instances at certain key points in the plot of a novel or play. This excerpt about Jude and Sue exposes significant insights into their true intentions and emotions on themselves, others, and life in general. This author engenders a unique persona for each of the inhabitants of these two houses by utilizing a forlorn tone and gruesome diction, alongside symbolism that emulates the current situations that the two characters find themselves ensnared in.
In the beginning, the author introduces the characters simultaneously, each with an equally "lonely and disheartened" mood enveloping them (lines 2, 3). The individual circumstances are overlooked in order to capture both of their forsaken feelings together, which leads the reader to envision a connection between the two; this foreshadows a possible surreptitious relationship, especially when he "question[s] his devotional model" (l.3). Jude watches the house as it "disappear[s] behind the night shade," mirroring his waning chances of encountering Sue, which further establishes his hidden desires and their connection with one another (l.2). Jude's caring personality is first depicted because "his sleep was fitful" knowing that Sue is so alone, yet so close, and again when he hears the "shrill" "cry" and cannot stand thinking about the trapped rabbit "bearing its torture" in a death trap until morning. His concerned nature is further developed in a flashback from his childhood: he saves earthworms, one of the smallest, detested of organisms, from certain doom. Comparatively, the thoughts of th...

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...lows a major portion of the story to be explained by an event that does not interrupt the plot but is just as effective at uncovering the actual meaning and connections in the plot itself.
The author of the story about Jude and Sue was able to interconnect the story of a rabbit and a star struck couple in such a way that the significance of the scene was not detracted from, and the author was still able to convey his point. He used appalling diction and an abandoned tone in order to reflect his actual thoughts on marriage, and he symbolized a very important interaction by way of a seemingly insignificant act in order to show a hidden but powerful connection. Through all this, the author fully exposes the nature and predicament of both Sue and Jude so that the reader is able to understand, and anyone can relate to the universal, core feelings of the excerpt.

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