Pacifist Vs. Pacifism

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Pacifism has been understood as a nonbeliever in any sort of violence. Being a non pacifist believe that killing other human beings is not always wrong. Most people think we do not have an option in being pacifist or non pacifist. Every person has the right to participate in war. Although being pacifist and non pacifist can be very contradicting, many people have stated that those who oppose pacifism say that the world is not perfect. Not believing in pacifism had a lot of political and military support, compared to believing in pacifism where violence and war in unnecessary.
Not being pacifist has led to political support and social systems that support war. Going against pacifism has led to military protection for the United States. Every citizen in the United States has the duty to protect their citizens. It does not matter that pacifist are motivated by respecting the human life and a love of peace. Pacifist refuse to participate in war but people who are failing out to carry out important obligation. The United States was founded upon war. In 1771 people believed in their individual freedom, Britain then came along and suppressed the colonist. The colonist tried a peaceful protest against Britain but resulted in a historical event called The Boston Massacre. Five colonist died in the event and none had any sort of weapon in their hand. The colonist tried being pacifist for years but it led them nowhere. The colonist understood the only option they had was to fight for their freedom and they did. It resulted in a major victory for them and America was born.
Being pacifist means in believing that war and violence is unjustifiable. People who support pacifism believe that it is more of an international organization tha...

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...s toward peace”. Proving that being pacifist does not necessarily mean that war is unacceptable, it can also stand for bringing peace by a different point of view.
Being a non pacifist believer can result as a good thing. Being a non pacifist had a lot of political and military support, compared to believing in pacifism where violence and war in unnecessary, showed the two differences in both beliefs. Oddly enough being a non pacifist has led to the security of this country as well as its stableness. There have been so many historical events in history that have showed us the pros and cons about each belief. “You must not confound pacifism with opposition to a particular war, or even opposition to the whole thrust of American foreign policy. They are two separate issues.” stated in the article, describes how we are not the only ones who are non pacifism believer.

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