Essay English Language Learners : An Effective Method Of Instruction

Essay English Language Learners : An Effective Method Of Instruction

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Recent studies, as described by Lyster in the Handbook have put forth the theory that the most effective means to teach a language is a counterbalanced approach that includes some form-focused instruction in content-based classrooms and, at the same time, putting “more emphasis on experiential strategies in traditional programs where the target language is taught as a subject” (615). It seems this method of instruction would obviously be the most effective method of language instruction. Providing both useful context for language demonstration and explanation of the framework of the language covers all types of learners and all of the functions of language. However, the implementation of such curricula would be quite difficult in any mainstream school.
Ideally, English language learners would be in language arts classes, alongside native speakers, as there are limits to how much CBI classrooms can lead students “beyond the beginner levels of proficiency and to develop literacy skills in the target language” (617).  For elementary and secondary students, they will all be new, or relatively new, to the linguistic functions and terminology. Lyster explains the challenge of designing such a curriculum centers around the need to adjust the material; however, it must “not be simplified to the point of shortchanging students” (617). This is a good reason to have sheltered classrooms; however, that is not always feasible. Teachers have to learn how to teach to all levels of understanding in the classroom, making the concepts comprehensible to those who are learning the language, yet challenging enough to native speakers. Perhaps keeping on hand upper level assignments like worksheets, short answer quizzes, or even essay assignments to kee...

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...g have changed since I began my degree, the teaching methods and theories carry over to teaching native English speaking students in the twenty-first century. For many students, academic writing is a foreign language. Presenting the materials in new and interesting ways, like one would do in an ESL classroom, is crucial. Modern students expect classes to be engaging and practical. Classes should give students an understanding of why the subject matter is important, as well as how to use the information. Modern American culture has trained students to question the importance of everything, and, just like language teachers explaining why it is important to differentiate between ‘bored’ and ‘boring,’ mainstream teachers need to break down the concepts in a way that shows the effects on the students personally, how communication can drastically affect the way a person in

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