Essay on Employment Engagement Policy

Essay on Employment Engagement Policy

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Effective employee performance is crucial in safeguarding the competitive positioning of an organization in the marketplace. However, realizing a strong and highly motivated workforce that is committed to a company’s mission and objectives is no doubt a challenging engagement for many managers (Kidwell, et al., 2010). In a move to promote productivity, the HR manager has implemented an employee engagement policy with the aim of enhancing workplace satisfaction, motivation and thus employee retention. This was prompted by increase in employee turnover rates, absenteeism, and constant management-worker conflicts, an element that had witnessed decreased production output by company.
In its most basic form, this employee engagement policy provided for the enhancement communication and the identification and resolution of the diverse problems threatening the optimal productivity by employees. True to the letter, as organizations seek to fully exploit the productive capabilities of its workforce, workers have their expectations in return. Indeed, reliable productivity is best realized only when employers appreciate the varied socioeconomic, career, and health among other interests by employees (Mcknight, et al., 2001). From an employee behavior point of view, an effective employee engagement strategy should take into consideration employee needs and expectations such as career development, social life, and workplace safety (Kidwell, et al., 2010).
To realize this demands, the employee engagement policy in our company offered workers with career training programs; fully or partly footed by the organization. These include arranging seminars and part-time study programs for interested workers. In terms of addressing the social needs ...

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...efits to an organizations. Therefore, effective employee engagement initiatives should promote workforce retention through ensuring employee satisfaction, motivation, and commitment to the goals and objectives of the organization.

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