Essay about Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze's Painting: Perspective and Proportionality

Essay about Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze's Painting: Perspective and Proportionality

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The painting was done by artist Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze. This was one of the best paint I came a cross in the museum as it helps to understand the Art work in painting. When we look the elements and principle of arts, are well presented in the painting. The first element we see is the Perspective; this the way in which artists create something that deceives the eye or mind on a horizontal level and relatively smooth. For decades, painters have tried to represent the real scene that existed in three dimensions on canvas. In addition, to create this perspective is to make the objects that are far away smaller than those that are closer to the viewer. The other way painter use to give depth to the painting is the sailor on the left who is digging his oar into mass of floating ice. Moreover, the soldiers in the distance appear to be smaller than the ones in the forefront boat that help the viewer to understand that the boat is nearer. The standing sailors in the middle of the boat are surrounded by light. This result keeps our attention of interest on the main aspects of the historic event: that founding father George Washington would become the first president and this event would culminate in the country's separation from the colonist represented by the American flag. Dark colors can often convey a sense of mystery or foreboding Light colors; and Intensity describes the purity or strength of a color. Undiluted bright colors are often associated with positive energy and heightened emotions.
I addition, the painter ability to convince portrays fabric of different types of the marks to make him a great painter. In a dimensional work of art, texture gives a visual sense of how an object depicted would feel in real life if touche...

... middle of paper ...

...ion. The painter put Washington to appear as the only element in the painting that does not show movement. Washington stands upright and unwavering, focusing his thoughts on the battle ahead or future. His determinations stimulate his soldiers as they struggle against great odds to cross the icy river at dawn. Proportionally, usually refers to the way different elements in a painting relating to each other in terms of size. The painter put George Washington to be bigger than other sailors to justify proportion. We are able to understand that art painting is just like any other art work. He uses color to distance object and how the form appears to give three dimensions. To my conclusion the element of art work in painting are justified to make the painting look real and lively with the use of perspective, texture, color, form, and motion, and proportions.

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