Composition IV by Wassily Kandinsky

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Wassily Kandinsky expressed his inner feelings when painting “Coposition IV”.” I see his painting, and I react as such. There is a clear blue middle that he seems to draw attention to. This is his focus of the painting. The focus can be defined as the main point of a painting, the area that draws the strongest contrast. When I see his painting, I see someone that is trying to express himself through his mediums. He used oil on canvas for his medium in this painting. There are many other emotions that the artist is trying to display in his painting. Although we can try and rationalize these, the true meaning may be a mystery for all times. Through what we have studied of the artist, we know that he sees various things in his own painting. He sees some figures, along with a castle and somewhat of a landscape. The artist chooses these mediums to try and express to us what he is feeling. There are a lot of jumbled images in this painting, all of which have the power to symbolize to us, the viewer, of the painter’s own inner feelings and emotions. Kandinsky’s paintings often reflected the things that were going on in his own life at the time. Through everything, he realized the power that art could express. He had many viewpoints and thoughts that were overlaid into his paintings and masterpieces. He was living in a time where people decided to reproduce art as a picture of what was going on. Instead, this artistic genius of his time, decided to make sure to only put forth images in his paintings that were unlike anything that he had ever seen before. His works brought him through compositional structures and found his own self instead in his own paintings. His artwork was emphasized in his tones that brought him through new free chromaticism, which emphasized the tones that he chose to work on in his paintings. In his own painting, he was trying to extend to the general public what he perceived as the world, what he thought it was to him, himself. And in these paintings, he was able to convey to the general public what he felt was right, what he felt was important. The second picture that I chose to analyze is “Pepper #30" by Edward Weston. When I see this painting, I am not ashamed to assume that I am seeing an ever day pepper.

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