Meaning Of Coposition IV By Wassily Kandinsky

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Wassily Kandinsky expressed his inner feelings when painting “Coposition IV”.” I see his

painting, and I react as such. There is a clear blue middle that he seems to draw attention to.

This is his focus of the painting. The focus can be defined as the main point of a painting, the area

that draws the strongest contrast. When I see his painting, I see someone that is trying to express

himself through his mediums. He used oil on canvas for his medium in this painting. There are

many other emotions that the artist is trying to display in his painting. Although we can try and

rationalize these, the true meaning may be a mystery for all times.

Through what we have studied of the artist, we know that he …show more content…

There is a pepper, indeed, in the picture, but there is so much more that the

artist is trying to perceive through his work.

Looking simply implies what we see straight off the start. This would be the simple

pepper image that is seen in the artist’s rendition of the piece. There is so much more to the

work, though, in the shading and what can be actually seen by the bystander. There is so much

more than just a simple vegetable!

The artist sees an image that is so much more than just that simple vegetable. He sees a

life, and what is true to him. And in this, he sees his medium for creating artwork for the …show more content…

Artwork that can be understood.

Perhaps in seeing his painting, we are to judge what he is really trying to say. But in

reality, there are many things that the artist is trying to convey to his reader. This is not simply a

painting of a vegetable!

In the rendering of shadow and foreground, there is plenty of ground to consider what

was truly meant to be the focus of this masterpiece. There are many aspects that make us think

and hope that it could be like what we are seeing. And we see something that was meant to be,

something that the artist was really trying to convey to the audience, to the viewer.

Personally, I think that to truly see something, it would take seeing it in person. That is one thing that I was unable to do, but hope that I will be able to do in the future.

Both artists brought to me something that I was unable to see before. They brought me

pieces that I could see through their own eyes, and until I could do this I was unable to realize the

power of the piece beforehand. Both artists show excellent attributes and hopes for becoming

more than just a picture on the wall in the

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