The Electoral College : An Outdated System Essay

The Electoral College : An Outdated System Essay

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The Electoral College: An Outmoded System
On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, America was shocked to hear that they would have a Donald Trump presidency for the upcoming four years. American citizens took this news as a surprise for a simple reason: most did not vote for him. In fact, less than half of the population did. Hillary Clinton lost, but with over half of the popular votes behind her. This phenomenon occurred because of something that has been around since the American constitution was written- the Electoral College. The Electoral College as it exists today is an unfair practice that creates a system of ‘electors’ to vote and decide the president for the people instead of relying on the popular vote. Therefore, the American Electoral College system should be abolished because of the failure to reflect the popular vote, the outdatedness of the system, and unfairness to campaigners.
Currently, the Electoral College is unfavorably viewed by many. “The present time the total of state and District of Columbia electors is 538” (Funk and Wagnalls 2). These electors decide the fate of many in America as they have the power to either vote as the people want or as their own personal agenda dictates. Those electors who vote based on their personal agenda instead of the wishes of the people they elect are called “faithless electors.” Some people feel that the power should not lie in the hands of the electors and that popular vote should be used instead. The “Popular Vote” is a means of deciding who the winner is in elections by counting each citizen’s vote and seeing which candidate has majority. Many people have suggested that the process of the electoral college be done away with or altered, but only a few minor changes concerning...

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...s just one of the multitude of reasons to abolish the Electoral College.
In conclusion, the Electoral College is an outmoded system that needs to be abolished. Americans are very informed because of the internet and media available, and have the knowledge they need to vote for the best candidate. The candidates do not properly campaign in certain states because of the Electoral College system, and they do not fairly present their campaigns to all Americans. The rural population is grossly over-represented and the larger states are under-represented. The system is flawed and does not accurately represent the wishes of American citizens the way the direct election system would. Therefore, the Electoral College system should be abolished due to its inability to reflect the votes of the people, the antiquity of the system, and the inequitableness to campaigners.

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