The Electoral College: The Value Of The Electoral College

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“The Value of The Electoral College”

The Electoral College was a compromise between those at the Constitutional Convention who wanted the US president elected by popular vote and those who wanted congress to select the president. They believed that having it where each state would get a certain number of votes based on population would keep a manipulative and charming person out of office. They thought it would prevent bribery and corruption along with secret dealings. I don’t think that this is the case and it one of the reason I feel that the Electoral College should be abolished. I think we should remove the Electoral College. This would allow for each vote to be equal rather than making each state have equal say. Most people do
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They are more likely to research the issues and make an informed discussion. We should place focus on each person’s vote rather than each person’s vote being clump into their state’s vote. Why would someone take the time to vote when to them it does not matter? They see their vote going to a group of votes to decide the outcome of their state not the outcome of the whole race. If we could give the people the chance to see their vote as a discussion to the whole race I can see them taking the time to vote. There will be less of the attitude my vote doesn’t could why should I vote. This would be a way to get more people involved and to further advance the country. If we have people involved in electing the president then we have people that are involved in our country and would fight to keep it going. I feel that we should focus on getting more people involved in the country and one way to do that is to get rid of the Electoral College and continue with the popular vote.
There are some advantages of the Electoral College such as, it preserves the voices of the states with the lowest population. It also favors a two-party system and dissuades third-parties which creates more stability. Even with all these pros I think without an overhaul that we should eliminate the Electoral College. This would simplify this process and more people would get out and
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