Essay about The Effects of Words Clustering on Memory

Essay about The Effects of Words Clustering on Memory

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As world spin and time pass by, we learn a lot of new things every day. Some we may remember immediately but some are impossible to do it. Thus we as a human try a lot of ways to make every day life easier. Word clustering is one of it. Clustering is meant “similar” or “same”. The way we use it is, when we a given a thing to do, we will categorize same thing that have similar or same pattern or any common pattern. This word clustering seems to give a different impact on every people. We have two types of memory, long term memory and short term memory. Long term memory is something we might remember from our children experience. Meanwhile, short term memory is might be something that we just see a few minutes or days ago but after a few years, we cannot remember every detail of the incident. So the main aim of this research is to know either word clustering will give impact or not to our memory and how does time will give huge impact for memory to remember any information.
According to Cohen (1963), there is two type of word categorize, Exhaustive (E) and Nonxhaustive (NE). This is the same with clustering and non-clustering word. When three or four words are represented all or nearly all of the words of the category, thus it is an Exhaustive (Cohen, 1963). Nonxhaustive is a word that is selected from a huge number of words that are nominally belonging to the category. In Cohen research, Cohen conducted two experiments. Experiment I, Cohen divided nine groups into try another small group. Every three group received list of 10, 15, or 20 unrelated words, 10, 15 or 20 NE words categories or 10, 15, or 20 E word categories. Constant time is given to study the entire list. Meanwhile, in Experiment II, the total presentation was vari...

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...words in the lists, so participants could remember all the words and this also contributed to the weaknesses of this study.
Another few weakness of this research also has contributed to the results. First, is the room of the experiment was conducted. As the most important element in every experiment is the comfortableness of every participant. During the experiment of mine, the experiment was done in a hot room although there is aircond inside the room but it is not enough to cool down the room. This may affect the mood of the participants and them only thinks to complete the experiment as soon as they might and went back.
A second weakness is participants. They know that they will get nothing because they help for free. It is high possibilities that they did not do their best and only complete the tasks that were given to them just because they respected us.

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